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  • What is The Enliven Way?

    What is The Enliven Way?

    At Enliven, we honour the art of fitness, helping our members create beautiful bodies that will serve them for life. We offer scientific, specific and individualised training for real people, not numbers nor averages. Our passion is providing a safe, fun and effective alternative to factory-farmed fitness (or, those damaging, one-size-fits-all bootcamps that lead to injury and rebound weight gain). At Enliven, we tell the truth about health and fitness, liberating you from marketing guff and misleading claims. Because the truth is, there is no quick fix... ... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun along the way. In fact, we want to help people discover that sensible and sexy are ....

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  • Are rest days lazy? The truth about taking time off.

    Are rest days lazy? The truth about taking time off.

    We’re one of those unconventional studios where members are encouraged to listen to their bodies and respect the power of rest. Ergo… take a day off, you maniac! That being said, we know it can be tough to actually take a rest day… and not fall in a heap.
    Take a rest day? You’re kidding, right?
    Resting can be seen as weak, lazy or like you’re ‘not achieving anything’. Especially when you’re in the swing of training and finally seeing results, it can be mentally challenging to skip the gym and chill. But the thing is, strategic rest is just as important as training. In fact, when your body is at rest and in a parasympathetic state, it ....

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  • Are invisible stressors putting the brakes on your weight loss?

    Are invisible stressors putting the brakes on your weight loss?

    It’s hard to think of a less emotionally charged topic than weight loss. As fitness and health professionals, it’s the #1 reason people seek our assistance - often in desperation, wishing their unwanted kilos would just go away already ! Generally, our combo of personalised training and wholefood nutrition does the trick, promoting a lean, strong and agile body… without compromising health, like fad diets and bootcamps. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem to work that way. Sometimes, members hit a wall with weight loss, feeling epic amounts of frustration that their hard work, training and dietary vigilance isn’t paying off.
    Enter: invisible ....

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  • Why getting fit makes the world a better place

    Why getting fit makes the world a better place

    Do we have an ulterior motive for helping people get fit, healthy and happy? Why yes, yes we do. Besides our belief that everyone has the right to feel confident and powerful in their own skin, we know that the wellbeing of the planet depends on the wellbeing of its people. Running a holistic studio is our contribution to a more peaceful, connected and healthier world. Think about it: ✔️Healthy, happy people don’t need as much ‘stuff’ to feel good about themselves - reducing problematic consumerism. ✔️People who eat seasonal, local wholefoods support sustainable farming practices and better environmental outcomes. ....

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  • Five ways to radically flip your perspective

    Five ways to radically flip your perspective

    To change your body, you have to change your mind. But as fitness professionals, we know it’s easier said than done. Many people are stuck in a rut, believing that exercise is punishment, dieting is hard and getting in shape is a lifelong battle with a body that doesn’t cooperate. Sound familiar? The worst part is, these simple beliefs have serious consequences. If you only see fitness as a way to work off that Friday night bender, you’ll never sustain it. If you believe your body is ugly, you won’t take care of it in a kind and loving way. If you decide that personal training is too expensive, you’ll open the floodgates for other priorities to sweep ....

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  • The antidote to extreme fitness

    The antidote to extreme fitness

    It takes around 350 repetitions to learn a new exercise move. However, if you’ve trained with the wrong technique, it can take up to 5000
    reps to override that faulty movement. This fact always amazes people, and yet, so many modern humans are working out incorrectly in gyms and bootcamps, desperate to get shredded. Unbeknownst to them, they’re setting themselves up for a lifetime of imbalances, injury and mediocre results.
    Why are we addicted to extreme exercise?
    Advertising is largely to blame. We’ve been coerced into believing that harder is better, gung-ho is great, and 12 weeks is all it takes to get a lean, beautiful body. We’ve been shown images of ....

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  • EVENT // Foundations Health + Fitness Workshop

    EVENT // Foundations Health + Fitness Workshop

    Something’s not working. Despite all the diets, bootcamps and smoothie bowls, we’re still battling our bodies. Most people want to lose weight and get fitter, but a pitifully small percentage achieve it. Why? Is it a lack of willpower? Are we just ‘not doing it right’? Do we need another, more sophisticated, health hack?
    Actually, quite the opposite.
    No one’s paying attention to the basics. The simple rules of wellbeing that seem too ‘obvious’ to be true. Things likesleep, hydration, breathing, thoughts, functionalmovementand blissfully uncomplicatedwholefoodeating.
    Who wants to learn ‘how to breathe correctly’ or eat seasonally ....

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  • The truth about ageing and your metabolism

    The truth about ageing and your metabolism

    Getting old. It’s something we’re taught to fear, with visions of incontinence, frailty and misbehaving bodies haunting every birthday. Rumour has it that our metabolism grinds to a halt at age 30, packing up and moving to Tahiti where it doesn’t have to work another day in its life and can sit by the pool drinking calorie-rich cocktails. Or something like that. But is that the truth? Do our bodies suddenly stack on fat and stop cooperating once we hit a certain age? Are we all destined to become weak, plump and sedentary people, despite our best intentions? Is it entirely out of our control?
    Not necessarily. When it comes to ageing and a ‘slowing ....

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  • Want to lose weight, yesterday? Here’s why you should take it slow.

    Want to lose weight, yesterday? Here’s why you should take it slow.

    Know the story of the tortoise and the hare? ‘Course you do. It’s the tale parents tell impatient kids to illustrate the virtues of perseverance and putting one foot in front of the other. The same lesson applies to weight loss; the slower and more consistent you are, the better your results. Unfortunately, it’s not a story many of us like to hear.
    The modern approach to weight loss is WAY TOO FAST
    You see, we all want to have a bangin’ bod… yesterday. There’s not a minute to lose in the weight loss stakes, and the constant barrage of skinny imagery, beauty ideals and advertising keeps us aspiring to a smaller, leaner self. But at Enliven, we want ....

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  • Sleep like a nanna to perform like a beast

    Sleep like a nanna to perform like a beast

    [Why 10pm is the ideal bedtime]
    Which group are you in? a) Those who scoff at people who go to bed early b) Those who go to bed early and apologise for it c) Those who go to bed early and own it We hate to play favourites, but group c) gets our vote. Why? Because sleep is a non-negotiable foundation of health; true wellness impossible without it. By now, most people understand the perils of insufficient sleep, with plenty of articles and studies bouncing around to inform us of the risks: everything from foggy thinking to decreased sex drive, and big-name chronic illnesses. And yet, the cult of sleeplessness continues, largely due to modern lifestyles that exult work, play and ....

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