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Why getting fit makes the world a better place

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Why getting fit makes the world a better place

Do we have an ulterior motive for helping people get fit, healthy and happy?

Why yes, yes we do.

Besides our belief that everyone has the right to feel confident and powerful in their own skin, we know that the wellbeing of the planet depends on the wellbeing of its people.

Running a holistic studio is our contribution to a more peaceful, connected and healthier world.

Think about it:

✔️Healthy, happy people don’t need as much ‘stuff’ to feel good about themselves - reducing problematic consumerism.

✔️People who eat seasonal, local wholefoods support sustainable farming practices and better environmental outcomes.

✔️A nutrient-dense diet gives people more energy to give back to their families, friends and communities, and these positive actions ripple out ad infinitum.

✔️People who regularly challenge themselves - meeting and exceeding their goals - know that anything is possible - even changing the world.

✔️Healthy, happy, confident people pass these habits and values onto their kids and loved ones, creating a culture of self-care, planetary kindness and replicating the benefits above.

Every workout, nutritious meal, hike, glass of water and encouraging conversation is a step in the right direction - for you and the planet.

Let’s maintain the momentum.


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To your health,

Michael Wilson


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