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The antidote to extreme fitness

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The antidote to extreme fitness

It takes around 350 repetitions to learn a new exercise move. However, if you’ve trained with the wrong technique, it can take up to 5000 reps to override that faulty movement.

This fact always amazes people, and yet, so many modern humans are working out incorrectly in gyms and bootcamps, desperate to get shredded. Unbeknownst to them, they’re setting themselves up for a lifetime of imbalances, injury and mediocre results.

Why are we addicted to extreme exercise?

Advertising is largely to blame. We’ve been coerced into believing that harder is better, gung-ho is great, and 12 weeks is all it takes to get a lean, beautiful body. We’ve been shown images of fit-looking people as ‘proof’ that a fad program or diet works - when really they’re the successful exception. We’ve been bullied into having ‘perfect’ bodies at the expense of true vitality and wellness.

Coupled with a high-stress modern lifestyle, this slap-dash, high-intensity approach to fitness can cause profound and lasting damage.

Is there another way to get the results you want?

At Enliven Fitness, we aspire to be the antidote to this kind of thinking and training.

Rather than play the ego card and promise our members X results in X weeks, we focus on building solid foundations, great technique, proper posture and alignment, and deep nutrition.

Every member undergoes in-depth assessments so we can discern their unique needs, state of fitness and personal goals, and our classes are kept deliberately small and intimate allowing for form correction and complete trainer support. Community is hugely important to us and we emphasise friendship, encouragement and extra-curricular adventures like hikes.

Interestingly enough, this ‘slow and steady’ approach usually has our members feeling (and looking) better than ever - sometimes in a matter of weeks.

As Enliven’s Director and lead Personal Trainer, my own approach combines 18 years in the industry, real-life client results and some of the most progressive fitness mentorship in the world. I feel proud that, alongside my team, we’ve created a place of education and empowerment, arming people with the facts about health and fitness so that they can start workshopping a healthier life - not just a sculpted body.

We’re here as an alternative to quick-fixes and one-size-fits-all training, offering precise, holistic training that respects the whole person, and between you and me, it’s catching on.

If you’re over the gimmicks and seeking a refreshing fitness alternative, contact Michael today for a complimentary health & fitness strategy session. Go on, end the battle with your body and fulfill your potential.



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To your health,

Michael Wilson


Senior Exercise Practitioner

Holistic Health & Nutritional Coach

Manual Therapist

Functional Movement Specialist

Rehab Trainer

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