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EVENT // Foundations Health + Fitness Workshop

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EVENT // Foundations Health + Fitness Workshop

Something’s not working.

Despite all the diets, bootcamps and smoothie bowls, we’re still battling our bodies. Most people want to lose weight and get fitter, but a pitifully small percentage achieve it.


Is it a lack of willpower? Are we just ‘not doing it right’? Do we need another, more sophisticated, health hack?

Actually, quite the opposite.

No one’s paying attention to the basics. The simple rules of wellbeing that seem too ‘obvious’ to be true.

Things like sleep, hydration, breathing, thoughts, functional movement and blissfully uncomplicated wholefood eating.

Who wants to learn ‘how to breathe correctly’ or eat seasonally in a world of instant gratification and manipulative marketing?

It’s easy to sniff at such simple concepts.

But the truth is, these ‘boring basics’ have powerful implications which may surprise you. They’re the prime movers in your success (or failure).

For example, did you know that breathing incorrectly can activate your sympathetic nervous system, triggering the release of stress hormones and setting in motion a cascade of hormonal and chemical events that, ultimately, make it harder for you to lose weight? Improper breathing also alters your posture, making you prone to injury and poor performance in the gym.  

It’s true; the simplest stuff can make or break your health.

We’ll never conquer obesity, cravings, fatigue and myriad chronic illnesses unless we start honouring these basic human needs.

Unless we ditch the shakes, shakes, supplements and sit-ups and master the everyday, totally un-sexy habits that underpin a healthy life.

We know that helping people get the bodies they desire means taking it back to basics, building knowledge, awareness and empowerment - beyond the gimmicks and perpetual disappointments; beyond the quick-fix.

For us, it’s a matter of integrity.

There’s no other approach that works in the long term. To be fit, lean, injury-free and energised, you simply must give your body the raw materials for wellbeing.

There’s no getting around it - and, thankfully, it’s actually the most satisfying and fun path of all.

That’s why we’re running this once-off, Foundations Health + Fitness workshop with Enliven Director and Senior Exercise Practitioner Michael Wilson on March 30.

It’s all about dispelling fitness industry myths, and providing you with rock solid knowledge for building a beautiful body - the right way.

This highly-educational and deeply-practical one-day workshop will have you saying ‘ah-ha!’, covering the foundations of true health and fitness to reveal exactly where modern approaches go wrong.

We’re pretty excited to share this information with you, and keep championing the simple, un-sexy but absolutely imperative practices that offer the antidote to modern body woes.

Grab your spot, and join the foundations revolution.

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