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11 ways we’re different

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11 ways we’re different

[featuring our zero motivation policy, fierce love of liver and five pillars of health]

If you’re hungry for health and fitness alternatives or considering coming in for a trial, discover how we’re different - and see if our approach resonates with you.

First things first: we are not a gym.

Well, not as you know them anyway.

To us, the word ‘gym’ conjures up treadmills, hunched-over bicep curls and strange, mechanical exercises that have no relevance in the real world. Coupled with the loud tunes, they’re usually more like a nightclub than a place of healthy movement.

At Enliven, you’ll find functional equipment that makes sense for natural human movement patterns. Think kettlebells, swiss balls, free weights, sleds and even a frame for climbing and swinging. Not to mention, trainers and members who know you by name, and give a hoot about your wellbeing.

We prefer to call ourselves a studio, a playground, a self-improvement space, a community.

We challenge the status quo.

The current thinking around fitness is that ‘more is better’ and ‘beauty is pain’. The mainstream exults bootcamps and biggest-loser-type training, in which the only way to get ahead is blood, sweat and carrot sticks.

The reality of modern fitness is a gym membership that sits idle after February. How telling.

These gung-ho approaches don’t help people get healthier. In fact, they sacrifice long-term health and wellbeing for short-term gratification like a smaller waistline or a few extra reps.

Extremes offer quick results… and high rates of failure. Motivation can only be maintained for so long until it wears off. The body can only take so much ‘hardcore’ training before it gives up - especially if it was stressed to begin with. Drastically cutting calories sends cravings into overdrive.

Mainstream health and fitness is a recipe for injury and illness - but we believe there’s a better way. The body wants to be strong and vital; it’s simply a matter of giving it the right tools, inputs, and encouragement to do so.

We believe in comprehensive assessments for every member.

This isn’t your average tick-box questionnaire: we want to know exactly where you’re at to design your perfect program - down to the smallest postural quirk. After all, if you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing.

As well as measurements, alignment, muscle imbalances and health history, we want to know how much stress you’re under, how you breathe, how much time you spend in nature and sunlight and what you want to achieve in life.

Most importantly, we want to brainstorm all the awesome things you’ll be able to achieve in life by getting fit, healthy and confident.

We give everyone a personalised plan.

Enliven members train in a way that’s personalised and specific. Our members are changing their bodies at the cellular level, with a holistic nutrition and lifestyle approach that amplifies their training and primes them for a long, happy and energised life.

Whether you come to group training, or work one-on-one with an Enliven PT, there’s no guesswork. You’ll enjoy initial and ongoing assessments so that you’re always training with a purpose, in a way that makes sense for you - and celebrating your achievements along the way.

We build solid foundations.

Our philosophy is built on five basic (but essential) foundations: movement, breathing, hydration, nutrition and thoughts.

These pillars guide our programming and assessment...  so be prepared to workshop them with us, and feel the missing pieces of your health puzzle finally fall into place.

We refuse to set superficial goals.

The pursuit of health and fitness is about so much more than how you look. It’s about living a better life.

By getting fit, healthy and confident, you’re far better equipped to reach your goals - whatever they are. Take on that once-in-a-lifetime hike, score a promotion, give more energy and support to the people you love, volunteer overseas, feel purposeful and empowered. Priceless.

In saying that, beauty radiates from happy, healthy people - so investing in your wellbeing is the ultimate win/win.

We’re a community.

Enliven is made up of like-minded people with similar priorities. Everyone knows each other, offers accountability, and is up for a laugh along the way.

Communities are the ultimate support structure, and being part of one taps into something fundamental to human nature. It just feels good.

We’re not all about the exercise.

Exercise isn’t always the first step in ‘getting healthy’. It’s only beneficial if it’s coming from a place of energy, vitality and strength - not depletion.

This post explains our thoughts on the matter, which can appear a little at odds with other exercise practitioners. The truth is, we want what’s best for each individual; not what satisfies their ego or promises an instant six-pack. Sometimes that entails slower, foundation-building work that isn’t about smashing a personal best or posting about it on facebook.

It makes our approach sound ‘less sexy’, but we don’t mind if it helps our members build better, stronger, healthier bodies in the long run.

We follow holistic nutrition principles.

Seasonal, local, organic, whole food, and nutrition is a key component of the Enliven approach.

We recommend a ‘diet’ that makes sense from an evolutionary and environmental standpoint, which means things your grandma would have eaten. Think pastured meat, eggs and some dairy; fresh organic veggies and fruit; and properly-prepared seeds, nuts and (some) grains - depending on the person. Old school superfoods like liver, broth, egg yolks and cultured butter receive a big thumbs up, and any nutrition plan wouldn’t be complete without the occasional homemade treat.

High quality nutrition speaks to your body in a completely different way to mass-produced, processed, ‘modern’ foodstuffs - and can be the difference between reaching your goals, or staying put on a plateau.

Plus, seasonal, local, organic, non-packaged food is far better for the planet.

We’re not into protein powders and supplements.

Protein shakes are a poor approximation of human food - unless of course you’re referring to pastured eggs, coconut water, cacao and a bit of gelatin thrown into a blender and sipped as a post workout treat ;)

We're not that fussed about motivation, either.

Because motivation, like all emotions, is transient. Emotions change like the weather, and expecting them to stick around long enough to fuel long term, positive change is more than a little hopeful.

Instead, we’re big fans of commitment: making an (informed) decision then seeing it through - rain, hail or ugh. It’s a far more reliable system.

You can read more about our motivation skepticism, here.

As you can see, we’re not for everyone - and we’re totally OK with that. If our approach resonates with you, you’re probably just the kind of dedicated, hard-working and health savvy individual we like to partner with. Get in touch.



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To your health,

Michael Wilson


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