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Motivation: Friend or Foe?

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Motivation: Friend or Foe?

[why feeling motivated ISN'T the best foundation for your fitness program]

How is it that one day, you can feel invincible? On a high of motivation, and determined to work out, eat right, lose weight…

But the next, even the smallest task feels like crawling up a mountain? Yesterday’s motivation has been replaced with a grey cloud of apathy, and you just want to hide under the covers.

How is this dramatic change possible?

Because motivation, like all emotions, is transient. Emotions change like the weather, and expecting them to stick around long enough to fuel long term, positive change is more than a little hopeful.

If you’ve ever struggled to stay motivated, you’re not alone.

It’s the most common excuse out there for falling off the health and fitness wagon - ‘I lost my motivation!’ - and it’s no surprise. Levels of motivation can be influenced by so many things, including:

- The people around you

- Your environment

- The weather

- A song on the radio

- Emotional challenges

- Poor self-worth and perception

- How much sleep you had last night or in general

- Stress or perceptions of stress

- Hormonal imbalances

- Types of food you eat and any nutritional deficiencies you may have

- If you have any digestive issues such as food intolerances, leaky gut syndrome or a dysbiosis.

- How toxic your inner environment is e.g. heavy metals and or chemicals in your household cleaning and personal hygiene items

(sorry for not giving you the nice simple answer you hoped for)

As you can see, motivation is a fickle and flimsy tool to enlist if you’re wanting to create healthy habits.

What’s better?


The difference between people who are healthy and fit, and people who are constantly trying to get healthy and fit is commitment.

A decision.

A pledge to be in it for the long haul.

Have you ever noticed the lack of fuss that truly committed people make about their exercise routine, sport, hobbies, way of eating, living a toxic free lifestyle...etc?

Rather than being pumped up one day and ‘not into it’ the next, they simply get on with it and show up - because they’re committed.

Rain, hail, shine, good mood, bad mood, ‘meh’ mood - it takes a lot to disrupt the routine of a truly committed person.

Interestingly, commitment is usually something we reserve for other people.

- We make a commitment to our spouse to be a good husband/wife

- We commit to our kids to be good parents

- We commit to our boss to turn up to work each day

...but what about yourself?

We wanted to write this to help people who are stuck with fitness and health; who feel like they’re constantly battling against themselves, lacking motivation and not able to make positive habits stick.

We wanted to say - how about giving up the motivation? It won’t get you far.

What if you simply committed to a plan?

What if, instead of being a ‘motivated fit person’ you simply decided to be a fit person - whether you felt like that 6am workout or not.

We can tell you one thing, it’ll be a relief. When you make the choice to commit, everything becomes easier - and surprisingly, you’ll find yourself reveling in routine and feeling pretty damn good about yourself, knowing you’re doing the right thing for your long-term wellbeing.

If you’re thinking of starting a new exercise program - whether it’s with us or on your own - do it with the mindset that you're building a healthy habit. Open yourself up to learning what commitment feels like, and make peace that this change is a way of life, without an expiry date.

If you need help hopping off the motivation rollercoaster and making a commitment to lifelong health and fitness, get in touch.

We love nothing more than seeing frustrated people who ‘can’t get motivated’ become committed people who can achieve anything.


To your Health



Michael Wilson


Exercise Practitioner

Functional Movement Specialist

Personal Trainer

Holistic Nutrition Coach

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