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Introducing our May Member of the Month: Congrats Bek!

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Introducing our May Member of the Month: Congrats Bek!

Name: Rebecca A.


Age:    27


How long have you been coming to Enliven Fitness?


Around 8 months


What motivated you to join Enliven Fitness?


I wanted to commit to some more regular training that would make me turn up every week and would push me harder than I would myself.


What were your top 3 goals upon joining?


My main goals were to get stronger, stay fit and to generally feel healthy and good about myself.


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 What are the most significant changes that you have noticed since beginning at Enliven Fitness?


I work a lot harder than I ever have previously, my upper body strength is improving and I feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes.


How often do you train per week?


3 – 4x/week


What do you enjoy most about being part of the Enliven Community?


It’s a very supportive and encouraging group of people and I think everyone brings out the best in each other.


What do you most enjoy about the Enliven Fitness workouts?


I love the variability in the exercises from day to day and it is also just a lot of fun!

There is also a sense of accomplishment after you complete workouts that you didn’t think you could do.


What continues to inspire you to be the healthiest person you can be?


I believe a good nutrition and regular exercise is the best recipe to stay mentally and physically healthy.


What advice can you give to others wanting to reach their health and fitness goals?


Keep turning up, give everything a go and don’t give up!


Did you know that the lucky (and hard working) Member of the Month receives: 


50% off next months’ worth of group training.


$50 Enliven gift bag brimming with goodies




The ability to nominate one friend to join you for a whole month of group training - FREE! 


Get working out, reaching your goals and nominating your friends and maybe you'll find yourself starring in our next Enliven success story ;)



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