Don't miss these incredible events at Enliven.

Don't miss these incredible events at Enliven.

We know you don’t have all day, so here’s a quick and nifty list of ALLLLLL the amazing things coming up at Enliven!


Get excited! We are ;)


1. In need of a 6 WEEK CHALLENGE?


Get motivated alongside a community of committed - and certified hilarious - members.


Do six weeks of holistic training, eating and living.


Prove it to yourself.


Feel amazing.


Change your life.


Dates announced ASAP!


2. Want more classes? You got more classes!


NEW 7pm classes - Monday to Thursday


NEW 12:30pm lunch classes - Monday to Friday


Coming soon!


3. Free health workshops.


Expert-led workshops to help you boost your results and be your best self.


On-the-house for members.


Follow us for updates!


4. Enliven’s VERY FIRST Health & Fitness Retreat. Say whaaaaaat?


This is going to be good.


More details, dates and excitement to come!


Stay tuned across Facebook, Insta and email. Yeah!




Join Us In Ultimo For The Best Fitness Training Around!

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