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The Enliven 8 week summer body challenge

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Want to strut your stuff on the beach this summer?  


Join us in our 8 week fitness challenge; an exclusive program, designed for you.


We believe anyone can transform their body in just 8 weeks. All it takes is intelligent, targeted & truly holistic training. Not another bootcamp.
That's why we created:

Stick with us & you'll be rocking a 'kini in no time.

And with summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start than today!


That’s why we’ve designed this one-time program to get you smokin’ for summer. Because, who doesn’t want to feel fit, fresh & fabulous as they strut along Bondi?


Our fun, holistic & intelligent plan will help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of - just in time for Summer. 


Is that even possible?


It is when you train smart. (And eat well on the side).


When you exercise with correct form and eat the way you're designed to, something magical happens. Your body becomes lean & symmetrical. Your physique changes dramatically. Your fitness, energy & health improves, and you're free to strut your stuff in a two-piece.


And it's not just about looks! It's about strength, fitness & knowing you're fulfilling your incredible potential.


Even if you're pretty happy with your bod - isn't it time to level up your performance? Beat your personal best & achieve new heights of fitness?


Challenge yourself. Smash your limits within a set 8-week time frame - ka-pow!


What is it?


An incredible 8 week program for new & existing Enliven Fitness members.


It's challenging yet rewarding - and the results will speak for themselves.


When does it start?


Monday 10th of August.


When does it finish?


Saturday 3rd September. (Hello, Spring!)


How is it different to all those other 8 week 'bootcamps'?


Great question!


Our program is NOT a bootcamp. It's not pain for the sake of pain. It's not boring, repetitive or restrictive.

Instead, it's an individually-tailored, holistic & healthy way to get the body you want. For life.

What's included?


UNLIMITED SESSIONS: You'll receive a special Enliven Group Training Program card to use over the 8 week period.


TRACKING & MONITORING: Results come from setting goals, monitoring your progress & celebrating! We'll help you measure your progress in-house - so you can crush your goals.


FEEDBACK: You'll be accountable to us! We'll work with you on performance, nutrition & lifestyle, providing positive & friendly feedback. Meaning you consistently improve.


FUN: We hate boring workouts, don't you? That's why we keep it interesting with new & surprising sessions every day. Plus, you'll have the support of your fellow members - those who sweat together, burn more calories! Fact.


UNLIMITED HOLISTIC SUPPORT: We're here for you. And are experts in holistic food, lifestyle & movement. Ask us anything along the way. We've got your back.


Optional extras:




Why work hard for 8 weeks if your diet & lifestyle habits undermine it? Even one session with us can help you make better choices, for life.


1. Comprehensive Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with Michael.


Together, you'll take a detailed look at the way you eat, move and live. Michael will offer you individualized coaching +  10 life-changing recommendations based on his findings. All you need to do is commit - and watch as your results skyrocket.  


Bonus for program members: 1 x mini goal setting session as well as body measurements, weigh-in, fat test and photos.


Price: $232


*Must book a minimum of 10 days in advance.


2. Accountability pack.


Get the facts without the coaching. This pack includes body measurements, fat test & photos - taken at the beginning & the end of your 8 week program.

Price: $70

3. Master Class Private Tuition for Group Training


This 6-session pack will help you master our group training sessions.


Let us personally coach you through all 8 weeks of workouts to perfect your technique and form - maximizing your results & minimizing injury.


Highly recommended if you're new, keen to fast-track your results or have years of gym experience but want to take your performance to the next level.




6 x 60 min sessions  with an 8 week expiry




  • Train with PT Jen = $594


  • Train with Head Coach Michael = $930




Free before & after body measurements.


What else do you need to know?


The program works best on our unlimited group pass. If you're not already taking advantage of its awesome value, now's the time to upgrade.


We offer our special upgrade offer for existing member only.

Members take full advantage of the 8 week training program and upgrade to our unlimited group training pack for only $49/week. (Thereafter the price will automatically revert to the original price of $59/week)


Members can pick up their training program at the studio from Monday 10th August.

Tell Your Friends

Non-members are welcome & encouraged to join the program for $472 for the 8 weeks upfront.


What are you waiting for?


Change your look, your fitness level & your life today!


Call, email or RSVP to our event on Facebook to commit to the challenge.

In health,

Michael Wilson

Enliven Fitness 
Enliven Organics
Functional Movement Specialist
Personal Trainer 
Holistic Nutrition Coach

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