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Enliven Fitness Member of the Month

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Enliven Fitness Member of the Month

The Enliven MOM is not an American Mother who uses her kid as a kettlebell - it’s our Member of the Month!


It’s an award to say - well done, keep it up, you’re a star!


We want to recognise Enliven Fitness members who go the extra mile. Who give it their all and inspire those around them.

In sharing one member’s story of struggle & success, the wider Enliven community gains encouragement and motivation. It’s a win/win/win.


How do we choose our Member of the Month?





Our trainers nominate members with more grit than Clint Eastwood. And fellow members cast votes based on effort & determination.

It’s not about being the fastest or strongest, it’s about tenacity & positive change.




Our MOM is someone who displays positivity, determination and courage.

You don’t have to be Usain Bolt, but you do need to give health & fitness your best shot.

The MOM is someone who’s made incredible personal changes, or is well on their way to achieving greatness.

Sound like you?


How to vote


There’s a voting box in the gym where you can cast your votes & comments. We then match these against the nominations of our trainers - and choose a worthy candidate each month.



If you’re chosen, you’re pretty much Miss Universe (or Mr World) for the entire month.

Nationwide tours, concerts, baby kissing, charity work & a golden sceptre.

Well, not quite.

What you CAN look forward to is:


An awesome prize, as our way of saying YOU ROCK!


A blog post dedicated to you, to be shared with & inspire the Enliven community.


Your photo on our notice board.


Your health tips & tricks, shared with our members.


The opportunity to meet, engage with & support your peers at Enliven.


The glory!


It’s time to get voting. Make sure to name your fellow studio superstars, and keep working hard so you might be nominated too.


We’re so excited to share your stories & successes. You inspire us daily, and it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!


Be sure to ask us in the studio for more information.


Introducing our September Member of the Month: Allison M.


Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.53.20 am


Congratulations Allison! Click here or on the image to read her story & top fitness tips




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