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Enliven Fitness Amazing Race and Open Day

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Quick question: where will you be on Saturday the 28th of March?

If you said: taking part in the Amazing Race at Enliven Fitness! (Oh, and partaking in a bevy of activities such as free massage, organic food samples, grass-fed BBQ, tea tastings, screenings, Paleo treat appreciation & healthy socialization)...you'd be SPOT ON!  


We're so glad you can make it! Here's what you need to know.

What is it?  

It's an epic amazing race (for those who wish to participate), plus an open-day - featuring our favourite brands, practitioners & health foods. 

Everyone's invited!

Bring your family! Bring your cynical colleagues! Bring your estranged aunty! (You only need to buy a ticket if you're competing in the race. Otherwise it's an open party!)


The race   
You and your team will complete our inventive & physical course - with clues and challenges requiring strength, fitness and a sense of fun. AND do it all in the name of charity! 
Proceeds from your ticket go to OzHarvest
Did we mention that $5 from every ticket sold goes straight to Stella Davis? An Enliven Fitness member (and hero!) who is trekking to Base Camp to raise money for OzHarvest. Yep. You'll be supporting an incredible Aussie charity as you play.
Yes! I'm in! When? Where? And how much?
Date: Saturday 28th March
Time: 10am-2pm

FREE for members, friends & family coming along to the open day

$35 for Adventure Race participants ($5 to the heroic Stella)

To book:

Members: Simply click the link below and log-in to your Mind Body Online site, access the 'social events' section and secure your ticket!
Non- members: Follow the same link and simply create a username and password to register for the event! 
What's this about bonus extras?  
See! We knew you were listening. There are fabulous things to be nibbled and sipped and luxuriated in on the day (please see: free massage), such as:

  • Free spinal screening by Andrew from Better Health
  • Free 15 minute massages from Sean Killeen
  • Free tea tastings with Jess from Ovvio
  • Healthy, paleo-based meal tastings from Real Food Connection 
  • BBQ lunch
Wait. Where do I book again?
Valid question, adventure seeker. Click the link below& look for the 'Social Events' section - in there, you'll be directed to ticketing options. Hurrah! 

We can't WAIT to see you battling out in our Amazing Race - having a blast & supporting Stella Davis along the way. Or simply chilling with your friends & family at the open day!

Grab your race ticket now so you don't miss out! 

*Minimum 12 people required for the race event

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