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9 signs your body's reacting to dairy

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9 signs your body's reacting to dairy

And we don’t mean screaming for more ice cream.

We’re talking about subtle signs that dairy isn’t working for you - and why.


Before we list them, we want you to look deeply into our eyes.


This might be hard. You may experience emotional distress. Cheese withdrawals. Dairy denial.

Nobody wants to hear that their creamy morning latte or afternoon camembert is causing them grief. But it very well could be. And we want what’s best for you, OK? Stay strong, kid.


Our stance on nutrition


We aren’t crazy militant types. We’re flexible, and believe in personalised nutrition.


You’ll never hear us hating on a food because the Paleo Gods said to. (‘Cept for processed crap. We don’t even classify that as edible).


Instead, we believe in quality. How something’s grown. What’s been done to it. If it’s organic, seasonal, local and nutrient-dense.


We’re for food that tastes amazing, supports farmers doing it right and is biologically appropriate for humans.


And within this exists much variation.


What makes one body sing can give another a rash.


That’s why black & white rules suck and thoughtful, tailored nutrition is where it’s at.


So where does that leave dairy?


If made from the milk of healthy cows (or sheep or goats or camels), minimally processed and suitable for your constitution, it can be a superfood.


Rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E & K2, calcium, protein, CLA, saturated and omega-3 fats, dairy represents a rich source of commonly deficient vitamins and nutrients.

We love butter for that very reason.


Here’s the BUT.


Many of us have compromised bodies. With an excess of chemicals, stress, sleep disruption, antibiotics and digestive disturbances, dairy can spell disaster.


Not because it’s inherently ‘bad’, but because we’re no longer able to process it.


If your gut is leaky, things like lactose and casein (dairy sugars & proteins) may cause issues.


And we all know that digestive inflammation = systemic inflammation.


How can you tell if dairy is right for you?


As part of our cleanses and nutritional coaching programs, we often suggest eliminating dairy for a while (along with other common culprits) to make sure you’re not reacting to it.


You might not even be aware that dairy is causing a specific symptom. Until you give it up.


The good news? After a period of avoidance (plus targeted nutritional healing) many people can reintroduce high-quality dairy without drama.


Remember: everybody’s different.


If you’d like help figuring out what works for you, get in touch with our holistic health coach Kristy who’s an expert in creating tailored, sustainable plans. She’s the bomb. Read more, here.


But you can also start at home by checking if these are true for you.


9 signs your body's reacting to dairy


  1. You suffer from eczema.


Skin conditions can be exceedingly complex, or remarkably simple. If you have eczema and haven’t tried going dairy free, we’d strongly suggest it.


Dairy intolerance or allergy can underpin eczema by incorrectly stimulating the immune system and causing inflammation.


Definitely worth a shot.


  1. You have persistent acne.


Dairy is high in growth hormone which can influence human hormones, stimulate oil production in the skin and increase acne-causing androgens. .


Ease up on the milkshakes and see if your skin improves.


  1. You break out in hives or rashes.


Skin eruptions often signal immune imbalance. The outermost layer of our body is our first line of defence after all, and a direct reflection of what’s going on internally.


Hives and rashes are an angry, itchy sign that something is off. Try removing dairy for two weeks and see what happens.


  1. You experience bloating, gas, cramping or diarrhea.


Uncomfortable digestive symptoms and IBS are strongly tied to food allergy and intolerance.


Lack the enzyme to break down lactose? It will ferment in the gut and cause the above pleasantries.


Similarly, if your intestinal lining is damaged, you have low stomach acid or gut bacteria imbalance, adding dairy to the mix can cause… er… eruptive consequences.


  1. You’re prone to upper respiratory infections (like colds, sinus infections & tonsillitis).


It’s widely recognised that dairy allergy or intolerance is behind recurrent tonsillitis and other upper-respiratory illnesses.


Another case of immune imbalance, inflammation and increased mucus production.


Give up dairy whilst you’re sick AND as a preventative measure.


  1. You always wheeze or get phlegmy (sexy!).


Remember the old saying Milk Makes Mucus? Well, it’s true.


A reaction to dairy can cause the body to launch into gooey overdrive, increasing mucus production and mobilizing immune cells for the fight.


Got phlegm? Get off the dairy.


  1. Your asthma is acting up.


We sound like a broken record. Asthma the result of an immune imbalance, and if you’re sensitive to dairy, it can trigger an attack.


Best to avoid until you’re balanced and stable.


  1. Your joints are achy.


Systemic inflammation. Have we said that already?


  1. You’re holding onto weight - no matter what.


This can be due to a number of factors, but we’ve observed as trainers and nutrition coaches that sometimes people struggling to lose weight start to make incredible progress once they’ve eliminated dairy.


Yep, even that little bit in your morning tea or coffee.

Dairy can be exceptionally inflammatory, mucus-y and weight promoting for some. Got stubborn rolls? Take a holiday from cheese.


How many of these did you identify with?


Will you try going dairy free?


What are your thoughts on dairy as a health food?

Remember, if you’re confused or hitting a wall with your health, get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation with our nutrition coach Kristy. She’ll guide you easily in the direction of vibrant health and help you get results, fast. 


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