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Feeling bad about holiday feasting? Read this first.

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Feeling bad about holiday feasting? Read this first.

Are you sick of reading articles making you feel bad about enjoying yourself this Christmas? How to pass on the alcohol and sip water? Why to load up on salad and avoid those ‘rich, fattening, meaty dishes’ you’ve been waiting all year for?


Today, we’re relieving you of the guilt.

In fact, we’re giving you 10 reasons to revel in your Christmas Day spread.

As always, we’re pro sensible, well-sourced, organic & sustainable nutrition and aren’t suggesting a crazy binge like one of Santa’s reindeer. But there are plenty of reasons why a traditional Christmas lunch may be the healthiest midday meal you’ll ever eat.


(Let the haters hate and hang out looking miserable next to the iceberg lettuce).


Here are 10 nutrition secrets that mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about holiday food.


1. Gravy - made with the juices from bone-in cuts and natural ingredients like rosemary, mustard & stoneground flour - is the perfect accompaniment to meat. Why? The gelatinous proteins (glycine and proline) balance out the more inflammatory amino acids such as methionine. This results in better digestion and reduced inflammation. Gravy; it makes delicious sense!


2. Wine can improve digestion. Yup. A glass of red before a meal can stimulate digestive secretions and help you extract more nutrition from your meal.


3. Cheese, butter and cream are all rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E & K2 plus fat-burning compounds like CLA. Provided they’re grass fed, of course.


4. Prawns on the menu? They’re an amazing source of zinc, B12 and cholesterol - and by now you know we love the stuff.


5. Cold potato salad? Cooked & cooled potatoes form resistant starch, a fermentable starch that feeds good gut bacteria.


6. Eggnog. Pretty much a protein shake. Use raw, pastured eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, whole milk (or dairy-free alternatives) and maybe a cheeky nip of alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a nourishing elixir.


7. Rum balls. Can be good, not evil. Why not try your hand at a paleo recipe that supplies both good fats and fiber? Something like this, for instance.


8. Salads and sides are the perfect opportunity to go hard on colour, high quality olive oil, antioxidant garlic and healthful herbs.


9. Meats such as turkey are high in amino acids such as tryptophan, precursors to mood boosting neurotransmitters (that might help you take a little snooze, too).


10. Condiments and dips such as chicken liver pate are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Of course, there has to be some disclaimers.


If you eat more than you burn, you’ll likely gain weight. Unless you have the steely metabolism of a 6-year-old.


And at the risk of sounding like a broken record: organic, organic, organic, grass-fed, local and organic! Food quality matters for nutrition. And flavour! But you knew that already.


The final word?


If eaten in sensible quantities with a healthy serving of backyard cricket on the side, your holiday meals should be savoured - not slammed.


So enjoy, with our Enliven blessing!

What are you noshing on this Christmas? Share in the comments and make everyone drool!


Michael Wilson

Enliven Fitness 
Enliven Organics

Functional Movement Specialist
Personal Trainer 
Holistic Nutrition Coach


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