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What everybody NEEDS to know about Cholesterol!

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What everybody NEEDS to know about Cholesterol!

One of the most common questions we get asked in our studio when people see that we put egg in our smoothies is "Isn't egg bad for your cholesterol?". Cholesterol is without doubt one of the most widely misunderstood health topics around today, and all of this misunderstanding and fear is derived from misinformation, the pharmaceutical industry, and media fear-mongering. To know whether something is good or bad for the body, it is first important to understand what true health is and how the human body functions. Without understanding how the body manufactures and uses cholesterol we will never get the true picture of its benefits.

Cholesterol is a vitally important substance in the body, so important that the body will make cholesterol itself in order to perform its vital functions if enough is not consumed. Would your body naturally produce something that is bad for it? Unfortunately cholesterol has gotten a bad rap, but like the saying goes "don't shoot the messenger", that is exactly what has happened with cholesterol's reputation. 

Important roles of Cholesterol

  • Cholesterol maintains the structural integrity of all cells in the body
  • Cholesterol promotes optimal brain and nervous system functionThe human brain is particularly rich in cholesterol: around 25 percent of all body cholesterol is accounted for by the brain. Cholesterol protects and insulates each nerve cell, which is important for nervous system function.
  • Cholesterol is used to make up our hormones including stress, steroid and reproductive hormones, and is a major substance needed for the proper functioning of our endocrine system.
  • Cholesterol is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E.


  • Cholesterol levels often raise at times of physical and emotional stress, illness, injury, inflammation, surgery, and as result of unhealthy diets high in sugar and processed foods.
  • Cholesterol is an important component in healing of the bodyWhen cells are damaged, cholesterol and fats are used to repair and heal the damage. With atherosclerosis (or build up in the arteries which  occurs with heart disease), cholesterol is the substance sent to the area of arterial damage to patch up the area, but unfortunately cholesterol gets the blame for the damage that is often caused by processed foods, toxins, sugar and trans fats.


 The bad wrap of cholesterol 

This is a very complex topic, and it has taken many decades for the real truth and unbiased research on the matter to come about. There is a tonne of research around today from scholars and medical professionals outlining the importance of cholesterol within the diet. It is important to note that elevation in cholesterol levels is the bodies NATURAL response to dealing with inflammation and stress, and has a PROTECTIVE role within the body. If you are experiencing elevated cholesterol levels, the main area of concern is to first identify what is causing an inflammatory response within your body that cholesterol levels are rising as a consquence, and the most common culprit is dietary.


For issues like coronary artery disease, the information is only now coming to light that cholesterol deposits in the arteries are in fact the bandaid effect to an inflammatory process occuring within the artery wall. These inflammatory processes occur in relation to dietary factors (processed foods and sugars) and lifestyle factors (smoking and inflammatory agents) which over many years cause damage to the endothelium of the arteries. Tiny abrasions are formed within the arteries from these damaging inflammatory agents which run through your bloodstream like sandpaper. Unfortunately this is the matter of shooting the messager which is cholesterol for the underlying cause which is inflammation.


If high cholesterol is an issue for you, I would greatly recommend seeing a holistic doctor, naturopath or a holistic health coach like myself to help clean up your diet of inflammatory foods and managing stress. I encourage everybody to please please please continue your research on this topic to get a full understanding, as the more research you do the more you will understand about the cholesterol myth that is at hand. Please watch this video from Dr Oz on the topic. 



- Know your fats: Cholesterol friend or foe?

- Nourishing traditions by Sally Fallon 

Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation's the Real Enemy




About the Author

Kristy Emmett is a Personal Trainer at Enliven Fitness, a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Nurse. Kristy understands first-hand the healing and enlivening properties of good quality organic nutrition, living a balanced life and exercising regularly, and has used these principles to overcome her own health ailments including adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues. 


Kristy is passionate about all things health and diet related, and inspires her clients to make positive life-long changes to their life, take care of their body, mind and spirit; and to become their healthiest self-possible.


Kristy's ultimate aim is to empower individuals to not settle for mediocre with their health and their life in general, but to strive for a body, mind and life to be proud of.

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