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Delicious Orange and Almond Cake

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Delicious Orange and Almond Cake

Do you want to cook a dessert that is not packed with sugar like most of the desserts you buy today, and is a healthier option to satisfy those sweet cravings? Then I have the recipe for you!

Sugar-Free Baking

I absolutely love this recipe and make it when I am craving a good dessert without the sugar rush and insulin spiking effects from too much processed sugar, which leads to weight gain, energy crashes, and mental fogginess, to name only a few symptoms. The reason that this cake is healthier than most cakes you buy today, is because it made with almond meal instead of white flour, and has no refined/processed sugar (often called the white devils of food which contribute to degenerative disease). The sweetness in the cake comes from the fruit itself, and a very small amount of unprocessed raw honey. When I watch cooking shows and see them making desserts with sugar as the predominant and overpowering ingredient, I cringe, because I know that that sweet little substance might taste good but is causing internal havoc on the person eating it.


The majority of the population live their lives with an addiction or dependence on sugar. Sugar is often used as a method to satisfy emotional turbulence, for quick boosts of energy to relieve an already tired and overstressed body, and as a meal replacement. The more we eat it, the more our body craves it and the more we become addicted to it. Sugar has been named as one of the most addictive substances on earth. There is a strong correlation with sugar consumption and metabolic and degenerative disease, but still we eat it in droves (approximately 45 kilograms per person per year!).


Breaking our utter dependence on sugar is crucial to a achieving a healthy and balanced body and mind. Eating a well balanced diet with minimal sugar and starch, and plenty of green leafy vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, creates more balanced thought processes and emotions (there are none of those emotional high and lows, or sluggish thinking caused by a sugar addiction), stable energy levels, a healthy weight and physique, improved immune system function, and improved overall health. Cooking healthier dessert alternatives like this one, will help you move beyond sugar addiction towards optimal health.


  • 250g activated almonds or blanched almonds blitzed into an almond meal
  • 5 eggs
  • 3 small to moderate size oranges
  • 1-2tbs raw honey
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla bean powder,
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder,
  • 250g butter


1) Simmer whole oranges in a little water for 1 hr, until softened and cooked through.

2) leave oranges to cool in the fridge.

3) Once cool, remove the seeds, leave the skin on and food process until you gain a nice orange puree.

4) Place butter, honey, vanilla, in a small saucepan and melt on a low flame. Place melted mixture into the food processor & blend with the eggs until combined and airated.

5) Combine almond meal and baking powder into a large bowl, then add wet mix to create your cake batter. You can simply mix it together in a bowl with an electric whisk or use the food processor.

6) Transfer mixture to well buttered pan & bake at 100 degrees for 2 hrs, or until firm. This is a slowly baked cake which ensures all the lovely fatty acids from the almonds and eggs do not get destroyed from high temperatures.

7) The top of the cake should turn a lovely golden brown colour. Allow the cake to cool and serve with a dollop of good organic cream or yoghurt. Ensuring you eat your desserts with some healthy fats like dairy will slow down the absorption of the sugars and carbohydrates into the blood stream, allowing for more stable digestion avoiding those blood sugar highs.

Note: this cake will be denser than wheat flour based cakes, but delicious all the same.


I hope you enjoy it

Kristy x


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