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Are you drinking enough water?

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Most people are chronically dehydrated, consuming far below their recommended daily intake of water, and no tea, coffee, soft drink, juices and alcohol most certainly do not contribute to this daily requirement of water. Water is a geatly forgotten and undervalued part of our lives, and often when we are busy and stressed the last thing we think aboout is water until out body is literrally screaming for it with thirst. By this stage we have gone well and beyond the normal threshold for hydration, and if this is the case everyday of your life then you are most certainly not functioning at your full potential.

Water is such a vital component to the functioning and health of the human body, and it supports every cellular process, so much so that we are in fact 70% water.  Water is being ever replaced with sodas, caffeine and juices, but these drinks are not a substitute to the water your body fundamentally needs and can further dehydrate the body and lead to weight gain. 


What is the function of water within the body?


The effects of dehydration

Dehydration can cause many symptoms including lethargy, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, constipation, and headaches just to name a few, and can place considerable stress of the body. Hydration is also important in weight loss and achieving the changes with your body that you may desire. Your body’s need for water can actually mimic the feeling of hunger. Hunger pains are frequently a symptom of dehydration and can result in overeating, when in fact your body is crying out for water ¹. Water will suppress the appetite naturally and may also help the body to metabolise stored fat more efficiently.


By choosing to drink water over sugary soft drinks, you will avoid the spikes in sugar and insulin that are responsible for weight gain. Optimal hydration alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise like our group training classes, will support the important biological processes within you body and enhance your ability to lose weight.


It's time to up your water intake!

  • Drink 0.033 X your weight in kilograms, in Litres of water per day. You will need to increase you water intake if you are exercising and in increased temperatures.
  • Add a pinch of unprocessed sea salt to your water which will maintain electrolyte and mineral balance, improve energy levels and prevent excess urination.
  • Use a water filter which removes chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals from the water which can be harmful to the body
  • Take the 30 day water challenge! Drink your required water intake in filtered water for 30 days and feel and notice the AMAZING benefits. Let us know how you go!



About the Author

Kristy Emmett is a Personal Trainer at Enliven Fitness, a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Nurse. Kristy understands first-hand the healing and enlivening properties of good quality organic nutrition, living a balanced life and exercising regularly, and has used these principles to overcome her own health ailments including adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues. 


Kristy is passionate about all things health and diet related, and inspires her clients to make positive life-long changes to their life, take care of their body, mind and spirit; and to become their healthiest self-possible.


Kristy's ultimate aim is to empower individuals to not settle for mediocre with their health and their life in general, but to strive for a body, mind and life to be proud of.

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