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Our no-motivation policy.

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Our no-motivation policy.

Did we get your attention? Allow us to explain.


We like motivation as much as the next person - for that pre-workout boost, a kick-in-the-pants to eat better, heck - even for getting up in the morning.

But in the long run? Relying on motivation to keep fit and healthy is downright unsustainable.


Motivation is finite. It waxes, wanes, and you eventually fall off the wagon. (Like most people, you’ve probably experienced this before. Maybe more than once!)


What’s better?




Loving your workouts, what you eat and how you live *so much* that you crave it - not donuts.


Motivation shouldn’t be required to get you through. You should feel inspired to workout!


Enliven Fitness is about fun, with a team atmosphere and community spirit that feels supportive, not sterile. Our workouts embrace curiosity, games, and the unexpected. We change up the scenery, encourage you to try new things (like salsa dance and hiking!) and help you find joy in movement.


Less motivation, more love… and far, far better results - for life.


That’s our 5 cents on motivation. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the studio!

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