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… you might be asking.


Some of you have noticed that I’ve been spending less time in the studio, and it’s time for a public confessional.


(No, no, I haven’t been hiding out in the back of an ice-cream van slurping soft serve and breaking all the rules of healthy living.)


I’ve taken a breather.




As the owner of a holistic lifestyle studio, maintaining integrity is part resolution, part duty and 100% non-negotiable. 


People’s health and well being is important to me and I feel as though Enliven fitness has room to expand. I am currently working on enhancing the level of service, satisfaction and results for you guys. 



To do this requires me to shift my focus from what I love doing and have worked in for years, which is personally helping individuals like you achieve their health and fitness goals, to developing a team that can help Enliven Fitness achieve so much more. 


Also! I am adding to my knowledge base through further study, the course I’m completing is a Diploma in Manual Therapies & Massage - the ultimate expression of self-care.


I’m committed to making Enliven a hub of the most passionate health & fitness experts ever. Our trainers are all highly-qualified, special people who’ll take care of you.


They all share my philosophy, knowledge and the Enliven way, ensuring that even when I’m away, you’re in exceptional hands.


I hope that answers your questions!


Rest assured, nothing will change at the studio (except you won’t have the pleasure of my bad jokes from dawn til dusk) and Enliven remains your fitness and health happy place.


Thanks so much for reading.

Michael Wilson

Enliven Fitness 
Enliven Organics
Functional Movement Specialist
Personal Trainer 
Holistic Nutrition Coach

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