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Attaining that Elusive Life Balance

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Have you always wanted to find that elusive sense of balance in your life? That togetherness that some people just have, but you have never quite found it yourself? Unfortunately it is all too common nowadays for people to deplete themselves in their busy daily lives to the point where a holiday is a must before a nervous breakdown occurs. Many live with a myriad of extreme behaviours, and a normal week may feel more like a rollercoaster of ups and downs rather than a pleasant stroll, therefore that sense of balance is never truely found. 

Living a balanced life takes a bit of work to get the scales sitting just right, where you are not overdoing it, not doing too little and not neglecting certain areas of your life. We all have different areas of our individual lives which need that bit of extra attention eg you may be the workaholic type that lets healthy eating habits slip, or you may ignore your need to rest by doing long hours with not enough rest. Whatever it is, you will know when your life is not in the flow by experiencing the following:


  • You feel frequently tired and fatigued
  • You have difficulty maintaining consistant healthy habits, or introducing healthy changes into your life
  • You let excuses rule
  • Your thoughts overrule your heart
  • You lack daily contentment
  • You have difficulty achieving your goals
  • You feel as though you are on a spiralling path
  • Your body, mind and soul do not feel as clear, focused and connected as they should


If you are experiencing any of these feelings there is a high chance that you haven’t found that level of balance, and flow in your life that is desirable.


So what is balance?

Balance is a sense of contentment within our daily life. It is a spiritual, emotional, and physiological equilibrium, it a freedom from large stressors and a sense of peace of where you are in your life at this point in time.


When you feel one area is out of balance eg with nutrition, it is important to dig deeper as to why this area is out of balance. Is this area out of balance because you have no time to cook or you are too exhausted to cook, therefore you turn to junk foods? There is a deeper cause and a causal relationship for every part of our lives and finding the answer to one problem requires looking beyond the surface. One imbalanced area is also bound to have a domino effect on other areas of your life eg poor nutrition often leads to poor health and sluggishness, lack of motivation to exercise and to do things you want to do.


Achieving balance will require an ongoing tweaking process. It is not some miracle cure that you will discover and it will stay with you forever. You will need to regularly assess how you are feeling, your level of contentment, and make adjustments accordingly. However when you find that ideal flow in your life, it becomes much easier to maintain.


Mini Exercise: Copy the diagram below from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and place a dot on the line of each particular area of your life, corresponding to your level of contentment. A dot on the periphery signifies contentment. Once completed draw a line from dot to dot, creating a spiderweb type pattern. Notice the areas where you feel out of balance, these are the areas in which you need greater focus. You may need help in attaining balance in these areas, which is ok and don't hesitate to ask for guidance on how to do so.

Now we understand more about what balance is, and why it is important, I have outlined tips below for acquiring balance in our day to day lives


6 mini ways to Recentre, Rebalance and Recharge the batteries


1. Rest: do not undervalue your body’s need for rest. Adequate rest each night is required to rebuild and repair the body and hormonal system. If you are undervalueing your body’s need for rest you are in turn causing added stress on your body. 8 hours of sleep is required every night, maybe more when your body needs more recovery time eg during a cleanse, high stress, or illness. Rest may even include a little time away.


2. Meditate: 20 mins once or twice per day is a fantastic way to go beyond the physical and connect on a deeper level to what you want and what you need.  More often than not, what is needed is simply to be calm, still and relaxed as our working day is so taxing. Use this time to recentre, refocus and recharge the batteries. Sit in a comfortable position with eyes closed, palms facing up and breathe deep, slow breaths.


3. Nourish: Food not only nourishes our bodies, but it nourishes our minds and souls. Feed your body with high-quality, nutrient dense produce (not processed products). Your body is your temple, therefore if it is not a healthy food choice then don’t eat it (If your not sure what is healthy than check out the Enliven Fitness fridge).


4. Hydration: Drink plenty of clean filtered water, herbal teas to facilitate every physiological process in the body.


5. Movement: Our bodies are designed to move, and movement facilitates energy flow not to mention so many other processes. Through movement we connect on a deeper level to ourselves and our goals. Maintain a manageble exercise regime, and think about whether you may not be doing enough or maybe too much exercise, and find that ideal balance. Getting out in nature for a bush walk is so refreshing and invigorating. 


6. Self-time: It is impossible to achieve balance when you are constantly focusing on everyones else’s needs except your own. It is ok to be a little selfish sometimes and do things that you know will make you happy eg go for a bushwalk, a yoga class, listening to music you like, writing, drawing, whatever it is that you love to do. Self time involves being by yourself (of course), and when you don’t have anyone else to think about except you then you will naturally do things that ignite your spirit. It is important to find self time on a weekly basis, daily if possible. Self-time does not involve watching TV. TV disconnects you from yourself, as opposed to reconnecting with yourself during self-time.


Please contact Enliven Fitness if you require assistance in balancing out an area of your life, in order to be the best possible person you can be. Feel free to leave any comments you have below : )

Kristy x

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