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Shift your Mindset to Improve your Weight Loss Results.

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Shift your Mindset to Improve your Weight Loss Results.

We’ve all been there.


Someone offers you a brownie at a staff party...and suddenly the diet’s off. You declare it as a cheat day and eat as much junk as possible before tomorrow. You wake up the next day surrounded by a junk food crime scene...biscuit crumbs and empty chip packets surround you, feeling bloated and guilty.


You feel like this pattern of binge eating will never end.


You wish you’d just stuck with one slice of cake! Because one slice wouldn’t have been so bad. You could’ve picked yourself up, sweated it out, and gotten on with life.


But instead, you ate all the things! And now you’re paying for it.




Like I said - we’ve all been there…and it’s the worst feeling ever.


After years of personal experience, holistic health coaching and helping clients through the same issues I’ve come to understand the reason why we do this and the best way to break free from it.


It involves a tiny shift in mindset and once you do this, the results are profound.


Improving your mindset is not one of those quick fixes either. In fact, it’s something that takes time, repetition, self-love and commitment to small, incremental steps towards better health.


What is this magical shift in mindset?


It happens when you change your mindset from “need-be-perfect” to “content-to-be-good-enough.”


Ever heard the saying ‘Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good? ’It is an age-old #truthbomb, and describes exactly what I mean.


The truth is, it’s the pursuit of perfection that gets you into trouble.


When you’re determined to be perfect, one scoop of ice cream leads to the entire punnet - because there’s no room for moderation. It’s black and white thinking. It’s broccoli 24/7 or bust. However, if you change your mindset to ‘good enough’, you defuse the perfection bomb.


You can enjoy a small portion of something decadent without demolishing the entire thing.


Why? Because you’re relaxed. It’s all part of the plan.


The foundations of your diet are solid, even with a few treats thrown in here and there. The desire to go crazy and eat the world carries zero charge. However, like I said, it’s a hard mindset to shift.


The best things in life take time, and changing your mindset is definitely one of those moments.


As personal trainers and holistic health coaches at Enliven we much prefer to see our clients embrace small, positive changes than massive overhauls which end up being the kind that collapse after 2 weeks.


In fact, it’s consistency that matters most when you’re trying to get fit or lose weight. Doing something well, most of the time. Showing up, sticking with it and committing to being ‘good enough’.


Being good enough gets you places. It can get you shredded! It’s the big, full-on binge sessions that hurt your goals - not those small, soul-nourishing treats that fit neatly into a balanced diet.


So, how do you do it?


How do you start to slowly, successfully shun perfection and embrace good enough?


Here are 4 easy ways:


1. Give up guilt for good.


The moment you let yourself off the hook is the moment you defuse dietary sabotage. It’s the guilt that keeps perfectionistic thinking alive.

Instead, accept that you’ll never be perfect. There’s no ‘100% clean’ diet. You’re allowed to include treats (that you aren’t deathly allergic to, of course) in the context of a largely wholesome, organic diet.


This shift will take time. Stick with it, be kind to yourself and keep up the reminders!


2. Set yourself up to win.


Rely less on moment-to-moment decision making (our brains are bad at that!) and pre-plan your nutrition.


Build a diet and lifestyle around your needs. Make the bulk of your food organic, local, fresh and seasonal - and know that you’re ticking all those important nutritional boxes, first.


(If this is something you struggle with, our holistic nutrition coach Kristy can help you devise an awesome and sustainable plan to follow.)


This way, treats don’t subtract from your solid foundation of damn good food.


3. Have a strategy when eating out.


Some moments in life are for pure, thoughtless, food indulgence. Don’t agonise over salad dressing or an extra serving of cake at your wedding, for instance.

Those regular work events? Dinner parties? Holidays? Let the basic principles of healthy eating guide you.


Make good, simple, wholesome choices - most of the time - with a smattering of treats.


There’s no excuse for getting stuck eating ‘bad food’ at a restaurant. 99% of places have options now that are gluten-free, vegetable-based or just plain simple.


Eat for flavour, sure, but don’t go crazy. Have dessert - sometimes. Consider it part of the bigger, healthier whole new mindset shift.


Here’s the last - and perhaps most important - point.


4. Upgrade your treats.


You can have your cake and eat it too by choosing wholesome treats.


Organic ice cream; free from preservatives and wacky ingredients. Gluten-free cake from Ovvio. Loco Love chocolate. Fresh, local, handmade sourdough pizza. There’s a whole WORLD of delicious food that fits within the scope of a healthy diet.


It’s even less ‘damaging’ to your goals when you choose treats that are nutrient-dense and high-quality. Sure, these morsels may be too rich for every day, but still totally awesome on that occasion you just-gotta-have-chocolate.


By reframing your notion of what constitutes a treat, you’ll win double. You’ll feed your soul AND your body.


Final words.


It is possible to arrive at a place where you aren’t ruled by fear of food. A place where you love what you eat so much that cheating with crappy, industrial junk is like hell no!


A place where you accept that occasionally, ‘imperfect’ food falls in your face, but it’s all part of life. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up happy because you didn’t eat the entire cake, you just had one slice. Your weight hasn’t budged. You’re on the wagon - for life.


Don’t let perfectionist thinking sabotage your diet, weight loss and health.


Because good-enough is so much better. It will make all the difference to your health and physique in the long-run.




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