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Sick of working out? Try these 3 gentle tips for holistic health.

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Sick of working out? Try these 3 gentle tips for holistic health.

We throw that word around a lot, but what does it even mean?
To us, 'holistic' means: all-encompassing. Considering every facet. Giving love to the entire person, lifestyle and community. 
It's a word that offers perspective. A view of the bigger picture. If you want to get technical, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as;
 "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
Taking a holistic approach means stepping back. 
Gathering all the ingredients of human health: thoughts, movement, hydration, nutrition, rhythm and/or ritual and giving them equal attention. 
Holistic reminds us that there's NO magic habit or pill or food that will get us well, happy and healthy - rather, everything works together, when you let it.

Holistic is how we do fitness and what we aspire to in life.
So we've compiled 4 tips for well-rounded health for you to try, today. Enjoy!





Many of our clients travel, 'cos they're high-fliers like that.' And inevitably, they experience the dreaded jet lag. Not only does jet lag suck - for obvious reasons - the effect on delicate circadian rhythms is profound. 

This leads to depressed immune function, increased inflammation, brain scrambles and a blood-glucose rollercoaster.

But what most people don't realise is that jet lag can be addressed BEFORE even taking off - to mitigate negative effects.
  • 1 week prior to leaving on your overseas adventure, start incrementally adjusting to the new time zone - getting up a little earlier each day until you're close to local time. That way, your body has a chance to adjust it's "settings" and you don't hit your health with a sledgehammer. 
  • Of course, doing other things like exercising as soon as you land, eating super nourishing, stress-busting food and blocking out ALL light when you go to bed, also work wonders. 

What's your experience battling jet lag? Share your secrets!





You need proper sleep to train effectively. 

Exercise to an already tired bod simply becomes another stressor, adding to the overflowing cup of fight or flight hormones; taking rather than giving energy.
If you're having trouble falling & staying asleep, here's a tip you can use tonight:
  • Eat a high fat & protein snack right before bed. 
Contrary to conventional wisdom, eating later at night BEFORE you hit the pillow, CAN be healthy - especially if it helps you snooze. 
Noshing on some fatty meat, fish and avocado, activated nuts, nut butter, boiled eggs or coconut can help your body down-regulate stress hormones and promote drowsiness. 
The protein and fat also helps stabilise your blood sugar (the opposite of which is why people wake up with a start in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Blood sugar drops and adrenaline spikes). 

Try it and let us know how you go!
R E S T  D A Y S 

Are you doing them right?

Here's some specific advice from our good mate, .

"If you are an athlete, active rest days are days when the intensity of your training is typically about 60% of your high-intensity training days or current personal best performance. Active rest days are excellent days to work on the technical aspects of your training as well.

While active rest may sound as though it can slow you down, in truth it can make you more efficient. By decreasing the burden you're facing you give your mind the chance to re-energize itself, so that when you're back at 100% of your workload, you're re-focused and thinking more clearly."

Don't be afraid to schedule active rest days into your routine. 
In fact, without them, you run the risk of ADDING undue stress and harming your results and overall health. 

Put your feet up, people!


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