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Your 24-hour long weekend recovery plan

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Your 24-hour long weekend recovery plan

Maybe you won't wake up tomorrow with legs longer than your bed and a torso transplant, but this 24 hour recovery template can help you feel slimmer, more motivated and ready to get back in the health saddle.


Here's what I do if I've overindulged. I've learned these tricks as a food & lifestyle educator and holistic PT, combined with the advice of brilliant local Naturopaths & Wellness Experts. They always help me - and our Enliven clients - start feeling better, pronto.


Important note: Be aware that your hunger signals are probably skewed. That sugary 4-day rollercoaster? Disasterous for blood glucose control. You may feel uncharacteristically peckish, gravitating towards sweet, carby foods. Know that it's chemical and will pass.


6:30am - Wake up, brush your teeth (use a tongue scraper if you have one), and drink a tall glass of filtered water, lemon & pinch of natural salt.


7am - If you don't feel like eating, don't. Intermittent fasting is a fabulous tool for resetting digestion and allowing your body's detoxification mechanisms to whirr & hum.  


7:30am - Sip tea. Chamomile or Peppermint soothes sore tummies. Or for a stronger therapeutic punch, go for Ovvio Organics Clear Lemon Fresh tea (ask us in the studio) to shed excess fluid & assist lower digestive function. 


8am - Take a high-quality probiotic to boost good flora and/or nourishing, traditional superfoods such as Fermented Cod Liver oil.  


8:15am - Move, gently. Engage in home stretching, breath work or yoga - we're loving this site for awesome guided Yoga videos. 


10am - If you're officially hangry, eat something with fat & protein - light on carbs. A whole egg and veggie omelet works well, as do steamed greens, leftover meat, pate, broth and fermented vegetables. Eating a generous portion of protein helps to reset hunger hormones (such as leptin) and keep you full. Focus on savoury to counteract the sweet (just a wild guess that you ate more chocolate than cauliflower!)


12pm - Get fresh air & sunshine. The middle of the day is prime time to absorb Vitamin D. Expose legs, torso, back - as much as legally possible! This helps boost mood, reduce inflammation and recalibrate immune function.   


Runner in forest




Consider a high-intensity workout (we do those pretty well!) to utilize surplus sugar. 


Get out in nature - to boost endorphins, clarity & mood.  


Keep sipping tea, water with a pinch of salt & snacking on raw vegetables.




7pm - Enjoy a modest, Paleo-ish dinner of veggies & protein. Keep it simple, keep it easy on digestive function.


9pm - Take magnesium (or run a hot Epsom-salt bath), an extra probiotic & get an early one. Sleep is the ultimate remedy!


If you're not feeling lighter & clearer the next day, I'll eat my own hat! (I don't wear a hat. Gotcha!)


What are your strategies for feeling better after a bad food day? Share with us in the comments!



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