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5 top tips for staying fit and healthy this winter!

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5 top tips for staying fit and healthy this winter!

teaWe are in the midst of winter now, and it is feeling a little chilly! During winter it is very important to look after your health as the drops in temperature can bring on colds and flus in many people. Having a strong immune system will ensure you tolerate the cold better and ward off any nasty bugs floating around the workplace.

There is a typical pattern that those working in the fitness industry see at this time of year...hibernating members! If you are feeling the need to hibernate, retreat, not exercise and eat too much naughty food, then these are definite signs that you may not be looking after your body as well as you could be this winter. We are definitely not bears, and there is no need to throw your regular healthy regime out the window just because it’s a little colder. So I have put together some top tips for improving your health, fitness and motivation this winter:


1) Sleep

Sleep deprivation is an all too common occurrence nowadays, with the majority of people falling short of the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night. Winter is definitely a time where more rest is needed by the body in preparation for the warmer months ahead, therefore ensuring you are getting your 8 hours minimum is very important. During the winter months you may even feel your body wanting even more sleep than usual as it undergoes rest, repair and regeneration processes.

Turn off the TV and go to bed earlier during the winter months.


2) Nourishment

A good quality well balanced diet is necessary all year round and winter is no exception. You may feel that you are naturally gravitating to warmer, heartier meals, and that is ok as your body does require more energy for thermoregulation during winter, however maintaining a regular exercise regime is essential to avoid weight alterations.

Eat a well-balanced diet, minimise grains and sugars, lots of veggies, and good quality organic protein sources.


3) Keep your body moving

Stagnation is one of the main reasons for the increasing kilos during winter. Our bodies are designed for ongoing and frequent movement, and our hunter gatherer ancestors would not have survived the winter if they chose not to move their bodies when it got a little chilly. Choose to see winter as the preparation for an awesome spring body, and continuing to improve your strength, stamina, agility, and exercise potential. Choose the time of day that you function best to exercise, maybe it is not the same time of day you prefer to exercise during summer and that’s ok, listen to your body.

By not letting your regular routine slip, you are already 10 steps ahead when spring arrives. No need to start from scratch for you!


4) Get that Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D from the shortened daylight hours can be a reason for the lack of motivation and the “winter blues” that many experience at this time of year. Vitamin D is so vital for our body, our mood, brain health, our immune system and musculoskeletal system. It is important to get vitamin D whenever you have the chance, whether than means getting outside for your lunch break, enjoying the great outdoors on weekends, or supplementing your vitamin D during these months.

We recommend Green Pastures Cod liver oil + butter oil blend as a top quality supplement.


5) Seasonal eating

Typically there is less of a variety of fruits and vegetables during winter, however with the never changing seasons of the supermarket this is rarely reflected. Our bodies get confused with constant abundance, and as we are a product of mother earth we must respect these cyclical changes of temperatures and seasons. Think about what grows locally at this time of the year, and choose to base your diet on what is fresh and in season.

Always choose fresh, local and seasonal first.


About the Author


Kristy Emmett is a Personal Trainer at Enliven Fitness, a Holistic Health Coach and Registered Nurse. Kristy understands first-hand the healing and enlivening properties of good quality organic nutrition, living a balanced life and exercising regularly, and has used these principles to overcome her own health ailments including adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues. 


Kristy is passionate about all things health and diet related, and inspires her clients to make positive life-long changes to their life, take care of their body, mind and spirit; and to become their healthiest self-possible.


Kristy's ultimate aim is to empower individuals to not settle for mediocre with their health and their life in general, but to strive for a body, mind and life to be proud of.



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