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Do these things if you want to live past 100!

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Do these things if you want to live past 100!


Between anti-aging ointments, exotic superfoods and cryogenic freezing, the business of aging gracefully can be baffling. Not to mention, expensive! Most people describe 'living a good, long & life' as a top priority...but what are some tangible, accessible, practical ways of making this happen? Things you can incorporate into your daily routine without re-mortgaging the house? Here are a few we prepared earlier:


Stand up! 


Sitting is the new smoking. You've all heard it (most likely whilst seated at the computer scrolling through the virtual papers, or watching the box. Irony ain't dead!) But hanging out on our collective tushes is attracting more and more negative press - and scientific scrutiny. It was suggested in this study that for every hour we spend sitting watching TV, we chop 22 minutes off our lives. Is the next episode of Game of Thrones really worth it? (Don't answer that - we all know it is!) 


  • Avoid unnecessary medications

This one requires common sense & discernment, but we can all agree that finding alternatives to popping a pill is a worthwhile pursuit. Optimizing diet, lifestyle, movement before filling your prescription is a great place to start. And avoiding side-effects (which can dramatically affect the quality and length of our lives) is paramount. Medications like The Pill, cholesterol-lowering statins and long-term antibiotic therapy have enough cons to warrant judicious use. Do your research and make informed choices! 


  • Eat a wide variety of plants

Still sitting down to peas & potatoes? Shun veggie monotony and embrace a technicolour dinner plate. The more polyphenols (antioxidant plant chemicals) you can get in, the better the chances of staving off cognitive decline & accelerated aging. Not to mention, enjoying a bevy of fermentable plant fibers that support gut health and vitamins & minerals to keep you spritely. (Make sure you're buying organic, seasonal & local!)




  • Adopt a furry off-sider

Pets make us happier. Fact! Beyond the occasional garden-bed excavation or shredded pair of sandals, furry companions offer many health benefits. Dogs are associated with better motivation, fitness & sense of purpose for older individuals. Not only that, but they attenuate loneliness for those living solo. The simple need to be walked is another life-extending practice associated with owning a pooch (or, extremely obliging cat). Which leads to our next point...


  • Walk. Everywhere.

Walking is a hugely underrated health practice. It's not the sexiest, sweatiest or most impressive sport (unless you get a kick out of tackling an incline at a leisurely 5 km/ph) BUT it confers incredible benefits for longevity. And you can make it challenging! In fact, the quicker (and more often) you walk, the longer you're likely to live - as studies suggest.  So, dropping into Enliven & busting out a functional workout or two is fab - but we still encourage everyone to be active for the remainder of the day.  


  • Lift heavy things & stay strong

This is where we come in! Muscular strength has been irrefutably associated with living loooong. Aging men who retained muscle mass & strength were far more likely to outlive their weak, sedentary counterparts. And you'll also prevent falls (another leading cause of death in the elderly) and increase your chances of becoming lawn bowls champion! Preserve that metabolically marvelous musculature to live long & strong. 


  • Reduce blood-sugar swings, inflammation & obesity

These factors are strongly associated with diseases like Alzheimer's, cancer, Type 2 Diabetes & more. The way to go about it? Adopt a whole-foods, low-toxin, nutrient-dense and Primally-inspired diet. Kinda like the one we espouse here at Enliven. Coincidence! We think not. Eating plenty of quality fats & protein to keep blood sugars stable, carbs from wholesome vegetables sources, the best herbs & spices to reduce inflammation & of course, adopting healthy movement patterns - will all fend off the dreaded diseases of civilization. And see you sprint lithely past your 100th year.


  • Don't let your cholesterol drop too low!

Here's a bonus point for added controversy: low cholesterol levels in both men & women have been associated with INCREASED risk of death, not the opposite. While scientists scratch their heads, we think it makes perfect sense. Cholesterol is the stuff of life. In fact, we've written at length about the vital role cholesterol plays in human health - an essential nutrient for the body, not to be feared. Instead of waging war on cholesterol levels as you age, why not educate yourself as to the benefits of this tiny molecule? (The reading is great for neuroplasticity, too!) Eat pastured eggs, grass-fed meats, animal fats & coconut with ease.  


There you have it! Simple, everyday actions to support a long & energetic existence. What are some of the things you do to plan for a healthy future?

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