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Setting Your Intentions for a Fantastic New Year!

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A new year has ticked over, and I always find this time very exciting, with hope and opportunity palpable in the air. There is a sense of anticipation from people, with the possibilities of the year awaiting us. We put forth new goals to strive for, and reflect upon how we want our life to be, what we might do differently, and how to be and do more. Unfortunately most people make empty promises with themselves, wont follow through their ideas into actions,  and will get caught back up into the routiness of everyday life that they let their deep down wishes slip.


This year, instead of making goals and wishes that we may find excuses not to do, we should put forth our intentions and values to uphold in the New Year. By coming to terms with our deepest values and intentions, we are in essence connecting on a greater level to our inner self, and not simply focusing on the superficial surface of our “wants” in life. To “want” is simply the ego of our mind starving for attention and fulfilment. Yes we may want a new car, or to go on a big overseas holiday, or we may want a new job, but think about how these “wants” connect to the true you. Do these wants support the person you dream to be? Do these wants correspond with the world that you want to live in? Do these wants fit in with your core values, beliefs and dreams?


This year lets turn our New Years resolutions into intentions, to really connect with the core of who we are and let these intentions become an integral part of you, so instead of “I need and want this in the New Year” we turn it into “This year I intend to create....”. These intentions become our agreement, these intentions become our bible, and with these intentions we will strive for what we really desire to achieve in this glorious New Year.


A universal goal that most people put on their New Years Resolution list is "I want to get healthy", and "I want to get fit." Again these statements are only focusing on the surface of this desire. Why is this important to you? What will it bring to your life for now and the future? If being healthy and fit is something you desire so badly are you willing to make it one of your core values to live by? Are you willing to put your whole heart and soul into what being healthy truly is? Health is not gained from the occasional running on a treadmill or having a salad every now and then. That is what your ever-hungry ego believes health is, but True Health is knowledge, education, empowerment, movement, breath, relaxation, connection with our food, body, mind and soul. Are you willing to delve into these topics? Have you visualised what it would feel like to have an abundance of health, fitness and energy? Focus on that feeling, capture it and every day when you wake up experience that feeling. Let that feeling and vision become your motivation so you can be the person you long to be. By doing this you are putting forth your True Intention, followed by action rather than simply “wanting” it and not doing anything about it.


Step 1: Reflection. Ask yourself…
- What are you grateful for in 2012?
- What lessons did you learn?
- What would you have done differently?
- What do I want to let go off?

Reflection allows for appreciation, understanding and can bring  about important insights on yourself and life. Contemplate what has worked well for you, and what has not worked so well. Triumphs and failures are all important lessons to learn from.


Step 2: Setting your Intentions. Your intentions are connected to your life’s purpose.
“Intentions come from the heart and soul – they are rooted in the values that are most important to you” Maia Duerr.

- What kind of life do you want to live?
- What are my core values? What is important to me? What do I believe in?
- What do I want to call in for the New Year?
- What kind of world do I want to live in?
- What do I want to bring into my life?
- What makes me happy?


When you are true with your values, then making goals becomes easier because these goals will be in line with your true inner self. After you have realised your intentions and values, then you can make a list of goals that are specific and measurable, which have a time-frame to achieve. Take the time to focus on your intentions and goals on a regular basis, discuss your goals with others, make them viewable by writing them down or drawing them and place them somewhere where you can be reminded of them on a daily basis. Praise yourself on this journey to a more enlivened you, and don’t give up. If you have truly made your New Years resolutions your priority, your agreement, and at the core of who you are, then it will be an exciting and rewarding process.


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