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The Cost of not training - do your figures add up?

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graphI find it disheartening how low on the list of priorities a staggering proportion of the population place their health and fitness, therefore I wanted to delve into the topic further as to why this is so and the costs associated with not training regularly.

What I have noticed is that often when changes occur within a persons daily life eg change of job, routine etc, their exercise regime is the first thing to be abandoned. But why is this? Your Health and Exercise should NEVER be the part of your life that is deserted when things change or get tough. Exercise needs be our stability, our sanctuary, the one thing that we will never sacrifice no matter what, and exercise is how we respect and give back to our bodies when so much of our daily life takes away from us. During times in my life when I was overwhelmed with stress and being suffocated by debt I never compromised on my health and fitness, it was never an option.

As a personal trainer I have seen and heard every excuse in the book for people not to exercise regularly, and the most common include:

  • "I Cannot afford to train right now"
  • " I just don't have enough time"
  • " It's just not high on my priority list"

I've decided to break down each one of these excuses further, to really gain insight and perspective on each one.

" I Cannot Afford It"

I have heard this one on countless occasions, and when a person says this to me I know they aren't being completely realistic with themselves. For as little as $15 a week with my group training sessions a person can have a really good and intense workout that will be beneficial to their health and fitness. So if a person cannot afford $15 per week to put towards their health and wellbeing, then what can they afford?

1) Can they afford take away or fast food lunches or dinners multiple times per week, each one costing $15 or more, and likely providing them with little nutrition or health benefits? Bringing a healthy packed lunch from home would certainly lower the expenses of eating out every day.

If you buy take away lunches, snacks and coffee's each day for 5 days you may be spending well over $100 a week alone!

Buying a whole organic chicken which may cost $20 can provide you with 4 meals, plus you can cook the bones with vegetables to make a nutritious chicken broth. Therefore you can have 6-8 meals for a little over $20!

2) What about alcohol intake adding up to well over $15 per week, eg cocktails on a Friday night, 3 or 4 beers a few nights per week. With alcohol putting immense stress on your body and your detoxifying organs, as well as being one of the main culprits for weight gain, what exactly is alcohol giving back to you?

You may be spending up to $75 or more a week on alcohol without even realising it! What I have noticed is that people that spend the most money on alcohol per week tend to be those with the least amount of money to spare eg students, and unfortunately drinking isn't improving their health whatsoever.

3) And how about buying that piece of clothing, accessory or item that you just "must" have even though you don't need it. How much money do you waste on things that you really don't need? The average person may waste hundreds of dollars per month on these "must have" items.

So as you can see with the examples I have given you, the average person may be spending up to $200 dollars per week on things that aren't contributing to their health, fitness and wellbeing, and may even be depleting their health and energy further.

What could you do with an extra $200 a week?

"I don't have enough time" and "It's not a priority right now"

Time is definitely something we seem to never have enough of and wish we had a lot more of, but time is also something that we can waste a lot of instead of spending it on really beneficial things. Most people spend all their time and energy giving to everyone else such as their clients at work, their boss, family etc, and they never really give back to themselves to the point where their own wants, needs, health and happiness may suffer.

Regular exercise is strengthening, energising, exhilarating, and transforming. Exercise allows us a connection to our bodies and a rebalancing of our minds. With so many benefits that we can gain from exercise then why wouldn't we want to always make time for it and prioritise it? Don't spend your life procrastinating and waiting for the right time to focus on your health, now is the right time.

Fact: Most people will sacrifice their health and time for money spent working themselves to the bone, only to have to spend money on their health in the long-term when their health declines.

How many days or weeks a year do you spend sick? Those who prioritise their health and fitness and reduce their stress, have a stronger immune system and are less likely to get sick. It has been maybe 3 years or longer since I have had to take a day off work for being sick, because I always respect my body by giving it the nutrition, movement and rest it needs.

Final Point...

Don't live your life for someone else, don't live your life for your work or for your boss, live your life for you! Don't ever think that you are not worthy of having an abundance of health, energy and fitness, because it is every person's birth right. Don't ever sacrifice the importance of YOU, because there will only ever be one of you. In order to live our lives to our full potential, to be the best possible person we can be, to enjoy and experience what life has to offer for as long as we are here, we must always look after ourself, our health, happiness and fitness.

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To Your Health,
Michael Wilson

Health & Fitness Coach

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