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Got back pain? Get posture secrets from traditional societies and SOLVE it.

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70-90% of Australians will experience back pain during their lives.


Considering it’s one of the most unpleasant sensations to endure, that’s about 70-90% too many people, we think.


If you’re one of the afflicted you’ve probably tried many things, desperately seeking solutions to the agony of back pain.


But could the cure be as simple as changing your posture?

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We were excited to read this novel theory by Esther Gokhale, Acupuncturist. Our interest was piqued by her observation of traditional cultures - those boasting zero back issues & a history of hard manual labor. How could this be?


Gokhale analysed anthropological data & explored the world seeking the secret to pain-free backs. What she found, was the letter J.


Western spinal curvature typically resembles the letter S; curved at the top and then back again at the bottom.


However, Gokhale noticed that pain-free backs in traditional societies were much flatter, all the way down the back. Then at the bottom, they curved to stick the buttocks out. The spine looked more like the letter J.


What can cause an S-shaped spine?


Sedentary lifestyle, weakness in the abdominal muscles, belly fat and a lack of activity and postural stability all contribute to poor posture.


That’s why we train the way we do. Our emphasis has always been on correct alignment, form & posture. Coupled with strength work, the use of unstable surfaces, whole-body movements and good nutrition - we aim to provide a holistic experience, protecting & improving the integrity of the spine.


Ways to keep your back & spine healthy & pain free


* Get up from your chair regularly, or sit on a Swiss Ball instead

* Use a dowel rod to practice form and alignment

* Think J! Not S. Stand straight, with your bum slightly stuck out.

* Train with us! We champion form, rather than going to failure.

* Get assessed by a CHEK practitioner or functional movement instructor.


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