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Training barefoot isn't hippie; it's medicine.

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Training barefoot isn't hippie; it's medicine.

Imagine kicking off your hot, constricting shoes. Right now. In the office. And bolting outside to plant your feet in the grass.


It’s cool, spongy, green. The blades tickle your soles.


If your feet could smile, they’d be beaming.


So why don’t we all do it more?


You might, once we discuss how incredible it is for your health.


Getting your feet on the ground can reduce inflammation, slow ageing, make you happier and improve immune function. That’s a sole lotta benefits!


But first, let’s define the term ‘earthing’.


This is the official name for going barefoot. It refers to the process of absorbing the earth’s free flowing electrons through the soles of your feet.


And in a concrete world? We need as much earth-time as possible.


Here’s why:


Earthing gives us negative electrons (which is a positive thing!)


We’re constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic energy and positive electrons.


This ain’t good.


Wi-fi, mobiles and other electronic devices give us an excess of unpaired, positive electrons (a.k.a free radicals) that build up in our bodies each day. Free radicals take electrons from healthy cells in order to stabilize themselves, and in the process create more free radicals.


This leads to cellular damage, accelerated ageing and disease.


Solution: Get in touch with the ground.


“When you’re in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface) the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth.” – Dr. Mercola


Science is catching up and proving the benefits of going barefoot.


Where are the studies, you ask? Here are 20 recent ones.


They demonstrate the following health benefits of Earthing:


The health benefits of putting your feet on the ground:



✔ Decreases inflammation and chronic pain by defusing excess positive electrons.


✔ Improves sleep by normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm.


✔ Increases energy through improved blood flow and blood pressure.


✔ Lowers stress hormones and promotes feelings of calm.


✔ Improves symptoms of female hormone imbalance.


✔ Accelerates the healing of wounds and shortens injury recovery time.


✔ Relieves muscle tension and headache.


✔ Protects the body from EMFs and re-directs damaging electromagnetic energy.


✔ Supports adrenal health.


Is it starting to click why we regularly train outside in bare feet? We’re not weird hippies, promise!


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.21.29 PM.png


We’re trying to help you feel better, get grounded and gain maximum benefit from your workouts.


By getting fit with your feet on the ground (like you can in our outdoor lunchtime classes) you gain all the benefits of exercise PLUS earthing. Less inflammation, more energy, less free-radical damage, better recovery and vibrant health.

A pretty good kickback from kicking off your shoes, right?


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