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Do you take stretching seriously? Here's why you should.

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Do you take stretching seriously? Here's why you should.

There’s a vital piece missing from your fitness and health routine.


(How do I know? I see 99.97% of people who start an exercise program getting this thing wrong, or skipping it altogether.)


Can you guess what it is?


Here come the clues!


→ It’s often done hastily at the start or end of a workout.


→ It’s regularly dismissed as boring, non-essential, a luxury or a waste of time.


→ It’s never given the attention it deserves (and yet, has the power to profoundly improve your training results and general wellbeing).


→ It tends to be a quiet, slow, subtle and decidedly un-sexy practice.

Did you pick it?


It’s stretching.


stretch therapy


Compared to working out - smashing your PR, badass kettlebell moves, lifting heavy things or running a 10k - stretching can seem kinda lame and low-priority.


Especially if you don’t feel overtly ‘tight’, you may be giving stretching the cold shoulder altogether.


Isn’t it what people with foot cramps do? Can’t I stick to my bi-monthly yoga class?


Uh, no.


Stretching is essential if you want a balanced, functional, resilient, strong and beautiful looking body.


Especially if you’re training regularly.

Today, I want to give stretching the credit it deserves - and help you get informed and excited about what it can do for you.




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I’ve seen stretching revolutionise my clients’ training - both performance and results.


Adding in smart stretching offers:


✔ Changes in body shape


✔ Increased range of motion


✔ Reduced risk of injury


✔ Faster fat loss


...as well as unexpected things like:


✔ Better sleep


✔ Reduced stress


✔ Enhanced digestion


✔ More energy


NOW you want to know more about stretching, amirite?


Let’s go.


A brief primer on how muscles work.


There are three types of muscles in the body: agonist, antagonist and neutralizer.

They work synergistically: pushing, pulling and stabilizing each other, and have specific lengths and tensions in order to do so.


antagonistic muscle groups1336591927160

These muscle relationships exist to protect your joints (so if you have joint problems, you’ll have muscle problems, and vice versa).


Here’s where it goes awry.


Our modern lifestyle, with long periods of sitting, unnatural, repetitive activities, incorrect exercises and old/new injuries, puts muscles out of whack.


slack bum


Some become tight from sitting hunched over. Some slacken from lack of use (read: sitting on your ass all day).


You become stiff, sore and bent out of shape.


Then you train on top of that.


You accumulate trigger points, scar tissue, knots and binding factors that impede the correct function of your muscles and as a result - block the flow in your body.


Organs are affected. Your nervous system. Even your state of mind.


And guess what?


It’s not only ‘obvious’ things like bad posture that negatively affect your muscles.


It’s also bad nutrition, crummy lifestyle, negative thoughts, dehydration, inflammation and beliefs that underpin muscles problems, too.


You can’t isolate parts of the bodyand look at them  separately from the whole. Everything works together, and the health of your musculoskeletal system reflects your general wellbeing.


Stretching - in combination with functional training and the holistic lifestyle principles we teach at Enliven - is CRUCIAL for allowing your body to function properly.


You need a healthy musculoskeletal system to facilitate a strong, pain-free and functional human existence.


In fact, (smart) stretching can change your life.

Stretching to the rescue.


stretch classes


Stretching normalizes the function of the body - from cells, fluids, tissues and joints to the flow of energy through your entire being.


By restoring length to tight, shortened muscles, stretching re-establishes the correct tension in the tissues of your body - and things just flow.


Joints are protected. Range of motion is restored. Energy can circulate and pain disappears.


But you’ve got to do it right.


It’s not about stretching your muscles willy nilly - everyone should be assessed and have a routine tailored to them.


Think of tuning a guitar.


You don't loosening all the strings until they’re slack - you’d get a pretty bung sound when you tried to strum it.


Each string needs to be tightened or loosened individually.


Similarly to a musical instrument, your body needs to be tuned just so for you to make beautiful music. (That’s a metaphor for: a kick-ass existence).


The best way to do it:


With us, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 6am and 6:30am.


(Cheeky promo! But it’s true - we’ve got your back. And your hammies. And your ITB).


We’ve decided to offer Stretch Therapy classes to complement your training and give you dedicated time to get your stretching right.


And with Michael leading the classes, you’ll receive individualised advice, guidance and care.




We focus on dynamic (or moving) stretches as well as static stretches to allow your brain to recognise and assimilate new information about how to move - thus training your muscles for life.

There are three class options for you to rotate through - each with specific applications and benefits:


Thoracic Mobility Posture Correction


1. Thoracic Mobility and Posture correction


Get your posture straight.


This class is dedicated to helping you correct your posture and thoracic mobility. Perfect for helping with all forms of back pain and allowing your body to become more flexible and mobile.


A great class to do right before our workout of the day.


2. Middle Splits


A class dedicated to helping you open up tight adductors, glutes and ITB.


Assists all forms of back pain and relieves lower body restrictions.


This class helps you recover faster from workouts and keeps your training safe & injury free.


3. Front Splits


A class dedicated to helping you open up tight hamstrings, calf muscles, hips, glutes and quads.


Alleviates back pain and lower body restrictions.


This class helps you recover faster from workouts and keeps your training safe & injury free.


Keen to see how proper, guided stretching can enhance your training results and improve your life?


All you need to do is book online - and show up.


Classes are limited to 12 people, so be sure to get in fast.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We love answering your tricky fitness questions!

Otherwise - see you Wednesday & Thursday mornings, bright & early - to get your stretch on.



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