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The Enliven way: Why our training is different.

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The Enliven way: Why our training is different.

How Enliven training is different.


Think of it as a unique whole body approach for the modern day cave wo/man.


We honour:


✅ all fitness levels


✅ busy lifestyles


✅ the fact that we all sit waaaay too much and have poor posture, decreased joint mobility and flexibility as a result. (This means your training MUST be modified, so you don’t exacerbate these imbalances).


We consider all these factors and give you a wholesome workout that covers all the important aspects of modern day movement.


Enliven helps you nail the obvious stuff like toning and helping you lose weight, but our training also helps you:


→ prevent injuries


→ recover from injuries


→ improve overall flexibility


→ fix poor posture


→ become more aware (strengths and weaknesses)


→ turn your weaknesses into your strengths


→ become stable, fit and strong from the inside, out


→ implement lifelong habits all humans need to roam this earth happily, healthfully and in bodies that feel GREAT.


More reasons you’ll love Enliven


We offer indoor AND outdoor workouts, the chance to move in ways that are functional, efficient and challenging, plus a thriving community of likeminded members who support you the whole way.


✅ Expert functional training: A smarter way of working out that encourages your body to move naturally - in ways that are useful in the real world and that provide better, long-term results - kind of like Naturopathy, for fitness.


✅ Wholefood nutrition coaching: No fad diets or calorie counting. Lots of organic, nourishing goodies, ethical eating + an organic smoothie bar for post-workout shakes.


✅ Goal-setting and accountability strategies: Don't worry! It's not judgemental or scary. We check-in with you and track your progress so you can watch your results go up, up, up.


✅ Variety: We give you a different workout every day to challenge your body and keep your brain happy.


✅ FUN: Movement that makes you feel energised, inspired and alive: like rope play, climbing, kettlebells and outdoor fitness.


Sound like something you’d be into? Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly trainers, today!


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