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What is The Enliven Way?

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What is The Enliven Way?

At Enliven, we honour the art of fitness, helping our members create beautiful bodies that will serve them for life.

We offer scientific, specific and individualised training for real people, not numbers nor averages.

Our passion is providing a safe, fun and effective alternative to factory-farmed fitness (or, those damaging, one-size-fits-all bootcamps that lead to injury and rebound weight gain).

At Enliven, we tell the truth about health and fitness, liberating you from marketing guff and misleading claims. 

Because the truth is, there is no quick fix...

... but that doesn't mean you can't have fun along the way.

In fact, we want to help people discover that sensible and sexy are not mutually exclusive. 

You can workout in ways that feel effortless, simple and energising, while creating the body of your dreams. 

By taking the focus off ‘weight loss’ for it’s own sake, you'll be pleasantly surprised when it happens naturally - once the foundations are right. 

We believe that investing in health is the #1 thing you can do for yourself. Do it now. Do it well.

At Enliven, our philosophy is simple: to help you listen to, understand, respect and heal your body.

You ready?

Call us today for a free 20 minute chat about your goals, challenges and health dreams. We can't wait to show you The Enliven Way. 

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Reach out to us for a free 20 minute fitness strategy session. It’s an easy (and enlightening) way to get clear on your goals, hear our health and fitness recommendations and see if we’re a fit.

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To your health,

Michael Wilson


Senior Exercise Practitioner

Holistic Health & Nutritional Coach

Manual Therapist

Functional Movement Specialist

Rehab Trainer

Posture Trainer

Personal Trainer

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