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I grew up in a small town in Zimbabwe where we hardly had electricity so we spent a lot of time outdoors playing sports. We raced each other, played soccer, high jump, dancing etc. Moving to Australia I was considered a natural athlete and represented my school in cross country and soccer. Fitness became a passion of mine once I discovered basketball and wanted to compete at a high level in my high school years.
Years in the industry: I came into the fitness industry in 2017 after suffering a few injuries from overtraining. I was motivated by wanting to learn and understand proper mechanics and training methods as well as injury prevention and management. I started this journey with Enliven Fitness where I learned everything I needed to know to fix my own body and as a result have been able to help plenty of clients.
Courses completed:

* Cert III & IV Fitness
* Boxing ( 2 years expoerience)
* Kickboxing ( 2 years experience)
* Body Building ( 5 years experience )
* Corporate posture Training

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Personal Training near Ultimo

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